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About us

Rizhao Dexin Machinery Manufacturing Co.,ltd was originally established in 2012.Our company is an trade-orientd machinery manufacturing enterprise which dealing with tooling making, precise forging, heat-treatment, machining and finished product packaging.

Our company covers an area of 22000 square meters, and the construction covers an area of 12000 square meters. Currently we have more than 130 employees, more than 20 engineers involved in technical and quality control.

We have 4 forging lines currently, including 1000T+630T friction press production line, the 2500T hot die-forging press line, the 1000T electric screw press line,the 400T+300T press production line. The proposed yearly capacity is 20000 tons. More than 30 CNC and CN lathes, including a trailer spindles production line. We have kind of heat treatment equipment, including continuous heat treatment production line, pit furnace, high frequency quenching furnace.

Quality control:Passed IATF16949 quality certification, company have performance testing equipment such as spectrum analyzer, CMM, metallographic and mechanical.

Our main business scope is Auto parts, Trailer parts, Construction machinery parts, Oil and gas pipeline fittings etc.

The main markets area in USA, Japan and European etc.


Contact: Eric Wang

Tel: 0633-8582115

Email: [email protected]

Add: Hua Xiayu,Nanhu Town,Donggang District,Rizhao,Shandong ,China

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